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AN - Music Video Deconstruction 6: Ichirin No Hana

Name of Song: Ichirin No Hana
Artist: High and Mighty Colour
Year: 2006
Genre: Metalcore
Director: Unknown

High and Mighty were a Japanese band which were first formed during 2003, but then broke up during 2010 because of each members different opinions on music and future opportunities. The band are noticeable for the two main vocalists who were male and female. Ichirin No Hana was the band's first single of 2006 and it broke the Top five mark in the Japanese charts, since the band's debut ablbum.
  • The video begins with a high angle shot of the band, while two spotlights pan across the band from both sides.
  • There are then quick close ups of the different members of the band.
  • The intro is in black and white and the first few takes are fast ones.
  • After the intro cuts to black, there is an extreme close up of the female lead singer, lip-syncing to the lyrics. This shot is a long take.
  • Then the clip fades out, to a mid-close up of a guitar, one of the band members is playing.
  • Quick takes are used once more, for when the band are performing and when the lead singer is dancing.
  • Then the performance clips fade out, to a close up of the male lead singer lip-syncing, while there are quick takes of the band members standing near the black wall with the spotlights panning like at the beginning of the video.
  • Extreme close ups and mid, long shots are used for when the male lead singer is performing.
  • There is a quick take done via a close up of the female lead singer posing, while the screen changes from black and white to red and orange.
  • Extreme close ups are used for when the female lead singer is singing, however for the male, besides from extreme-close ups, mid, long-shots are also used when focusing on him. The extreme close ups used for the woman, could possible symbolise her beauty and innocence. While the shots used for the male lead singer, could symbolise his rebellious, free-spirit. Possible binary opposition.
  • At one point, there is a fade shot of both the man and woman while they are singing. This could possibly symbolise the two sides of a person, masculine and feminine.
  • A fade in transition is used to during a long shot of all of the male band members surrounding the female lead singer, besides from showing that she is the only female band member, this symbolises that the male members of the group have more power than her.
  • There then is an establishing shot of a red wall, with all of the band members fading in one by one.
  • This red wall is then seen in the "screamo" sequences of the song, this symbolises the dark nature of the song.
  • Quick takes are also used during this sequence, in order to fit the mood of the song.
  • There are mid long shots used during a sequence where the two of the band members are running. Symbolise maybe? Two young men running away from the darkness that is the screamo sequence maybe? 
  • A panned close up is used for when the female lead singer is crying, while the male band members surround her. Cry = sign of weakness.
  • Then the male lead singer puts his hand out to help the female lead singer up. When she grabs the man's hand, there is a bright light shining from the hands. This links in with the lyric, "If that time comes I'll protect you all-out so don't lose, single flower."
  • Single flower reflects the fact that the female lead singer is the only woman in the band.
  • The video focuses on performance throughout, since there are quick takes of the band performing and fast paced editing is used. However, there are elements of narrative, due to the symbolism that men have more power than women.
Here is the video:

This is another song, that was used in an anime opening. The song was used as the third opening theme to Bleach, which is another anime that I'm a big fan of. In my opinion, the song fits the opening, due to being played during the last part of the second main story arc of the anime. Hence fitting the mood of that part of the series, here is the opening: 

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