Tuesday, 16 August 2011

AN - Music Video Deconstruction 7: Through The Fire and Flames

Name of Song: Through The Fire and Flames 
Artist: Dragonforce
Year: 2006
Genre: Power metal
Director: Unknown

DragonForce are an English, melodic metal band from the UK, which first formed near the end of the 90's. The band were originally called Dragonheart, however due to commerical problems with an artist of the same name, the band changed there name to DragonForce. To quote the website, Metalstorm, "DragonForce's sound can be best described as a mix of modern melodic power with the fury of speed metal, but the band's influence comes from wide across the metal spectrum." The band is best known for their song, Through the Fire and Flames which is also an unlockable song in the game, Guitar Hero 3 and is to be considered as the hardest track in the game.

  • The video begins with an extreme long-shot of the band.
  • The shot gets closer and closer with each sound of the electric guitar heard in the intro of the song.
  • During the intro, the lights keep flashing on and off, the colour of these lights is red.
  • A binary opposition can be seen between the black stage and the lights, which symbolises the ongoing conflict between light and darkness.
  • There is an extreme close up of the lead singers eyes, this signifies that he is the lead singer.
  • Fast-paced editing is used for the music video, in order to fit the mood of the song.
  • Multiple shot types are used for the band performing, these shot-types include, high-angle and low-angle.
  • There are shots of the lead singer singing, however these shots are taken from the different sides of him.
  • The camera begins to rumble near the chorus, this effect is used to fit the fast-paced, heavy metal mood of the song.
  • The video mostly focuses on performance, since there are no hints of concept or narrative.
  • Looking from the lyrics, there are many possible symbolic meanings to this song. One theory is that the song is about facing the harsh truths of reality, "Through the fire and flames we carry on."
  • Another possible meaning is that, it could be about warriors riding dragons fighting the forces of darkness. It may be a surreal theory, but some of the lyrics might prove this to be true,  "On the blackest wings in hell's terrain, we watch the lands become. In fire and flame, and once again we know"
  • Their shirts are glowing, which also symbolises the conflict between light and darkness, due to the shirts' contrast with the background.
  • There is a sequence in the music video which it focuses on the two main guitarists of the band. A mid-shot is used during this part to show them.
  • When one of the guitarists is performing at the bottom of the screen, there is another screen with an extreme close up of the current guitarist performing.
  • Slow-motion effects are used from the middle of video onwards.
  • The guitarist who isn't performing, spends their time drinking a bottle of beer.
  • Near the end of the video, there are multiple shots of each band member. This feels like a band member profile.
  • The camera zooms out of the band, once the video has ended.
Here is the video:

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