Monday, 5 September 2011

AN - Music Video Deconstruction 12: On The Floor ft Pitbull

Name of Song: On the Floor
Artist: Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull
Year: 2011
Genre: Dance, electro house
Director: TAJ Stansberry

Jennifer Lynn Lopez is best known for being a singer, actress, TV producer and fashion designer. She became part of the music industry through her 1999 album, On The 6. The album made the single, If You Had My Love a huge success worldwide. After taking a few years off from being part of the music industry, Lopez returned with her new single, On The Floor which made a huge impact in the music charts.

  • The video begins with a long-shot panning down onto a car arriving at a night club.
  • There is a close up of the car's emblem, which is a product endorsement for the company who makes the model of the car seen in the video.
  • We then get a mid, long shot of Jennifer Lopez getting out of the car wearing a brown, leather hoodie.
  • A close up is used on an ear ring box to promote the company who made the ear rings, Swarovski.
  • A fade in transition is used at the beginning of the night-club sequence.
  • A combination of long and quick takes are used to show the action taking place in the night club.
  • The video makes multiple transitions between the night club sequence and another sequence where Jennifer Lopez is wearing a silver jumpsuit whiling dancing in in front of a golden wall.
  • There are also a number of mid, close ups of Jennifer Lopez wearing a golden dress, while lying down on a black sofa.
  • Pitbull is shown as being the party, pimp stereotype because of the clothes he is wearing (the black tuxedo with the golden tie and rose) and two golden bikini clad dancers at each side of him. These dancers minght be an intertexual reference to the film, Goldfinger (1964, Guy Hamilton).
  • Most of the shots in the video consist of mid, long shots of either Jennifer lying on the sofa lip-syncing and dancing in front of the golden wall, Pitbull rapping and the crowd dancing in the night club.
  • "If you're an animal tare up the floor." = the crowd dancing in the nightclub.
  • Slow motion effects are used to fit with the mood of the song.
  • Then we get a mid shot of Jennifer walking through the crowd wearing dancer esq clothes.
  • We then get a close up of Jennifer on the sofa looking into the crowd. This signifies that she is playing two different characters in the video, yet this could also show that she has a split personality.
  • We also have a mid shot of Pitbull looking into the crowd.
  • The shots of Jennifer Lopez dancing in the center of the crowd, with them copying her movements shows that she is the centre of attention in the crowd.
  • A shakey camera is used when Jennifer is dancing in front of the golden wall.
  • We also get a number of close-ups of Pitbull rapping in front of the golden wall.
  • The video ends with a close up of Jennifer looking into the camera.
Here is the video:

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