Monday, 19 September 2011

AN - Group Music Video Pitch Idea

Between the two main Media groups for an upcoming task, each of us has to pitch an idea for a music video that everyone in the two groups will film. Next, we will be separated into pairs, in order to edit multiple versions of the video and the best version will be chosen and shown in a future assembly. 

Anyway as for my idea, I feel that we should do Safety Dance by Men Without Hats (which I did a deconstruction on). In the video, it will be set in the school grounds and the video will begin with a long shot of two students dancing down from the top gate of the school, with close ups of their faces lip-syncing to the lyrics and establishing shots of them dancing in the car park. After that, there will be a long, low angle shot of the two students dancing down both sides of the stairs opposite the bridge near the new building. 

Then there will be two sequences where the students dance in the 6th Form common room and 6th Form centre itself. A long, mid shot will be used during these sequences because there will be other students sitting at the tables working and chatting, but then once they see the two students dancing, the join in. Once all of the students start dancing in a line together, the video will cut to a mid, close up of F6 of a teacher (I'm not sure who yet) peaking their head out of the class room to see the students dancing and pulling a stern look to signify that they don't like the students dancing, this also denotes them as being the main antagonist of the video. 

At a later point in the video, there will be a high angle shot of the students dancing in a line towards the bridge, where the "antagonist" teacher from F6 and two others are guarding the bridge to prevent the students from dancing any further. A low angle shot will be used during this sequence to connote the teachers' power and threat towards the students, but the the students will just dance around them with the two teachers helping the antagonist being sucked into the crowd and the antagonist screaming into the air to signify his defeat, this links in with the lyric, "We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind." 

The final sequence of the video will involve a high angle shot of all of  the students dancing in the the two courts which belong to the Key Stage 3 students, with the two students at the top of hill near that area dancing and lip-syncing with four other students.

While I believe that this is a strong idea for the group video, there are some Achilles' Heels to it. Firstly, we would need permission to use places such as the courts and the 6th Form centre, so that order is not disrupted and that we don't get into trouble or disrupt other classes. Next, we would need a lot of students to do it and I mean A LOT, however it would be really hard to get a high number of students to help us, since most of them would refuse. To counter this though, we could make it an activity for the "dreaded" Fun Friday, but then certain students might not want to do it though. Finally, the primary problem would be taking multiple takes because of the amount of students being used in the video, it would be tedious for everyone having to do multiple shots.

In conclusion, I feel that this is a strong idea because of it's innovative and the high scale, due to the amount of people needed.

Here is the song and the original video:

Here is my class pitch for the song:


  1. You're missing a trick or two here. Your idea works, but you need to consider target audience, location/variety and costume.
    Riverside, river paths etc would add greatly to the variation, and echo the original rural-set vid.
    That vid uses ye olde English stereotypes - could you achieve something like this with some ideas about costume (and setting)?
    Be clear on who your vid would be targeting, and the idea of viral vids.
    You could mock up some footage to help the pitch

  2. the links list - 'music deconstructions'?! Analyses of music vids is what they are
    Your list works better too if you lose the extraneous 'music vid decon' - just use 1: 2: etc
    BUT give artist in CAPS and track in sentence/lower case


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