Saturday, 24 September 2011

AN - Editing in Class: Threw It on the Ground

Once we had finished filming, we were divided into 4 pairs so that we could create four different versions of the group video for Threw It on the Ground by The Lonely Island.

Firstly, we had to import the footage from the SD Card to the Macs via Imovie 11. Then we inserted the clips into a new Imovie project and converted the file into a FCP XML file. After that, we had to open up Final Cut Express and import the FCP file. Once that was done, we could begin to edit the footage.

While we still have a bit of editing left to do, I feel that editing is going quite well so far and I shall blog about the final product when the time comes.

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  1. Detail/evidence of learning from this evidence work? Perhaps a joint vodcast using screenshots?
    Also, remind me next week and I'll lend you a Depeche Mode book


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