Wednesday, 8 February 2012

AN - Digipak Feedback

Today I got feedback for my prototype digipak and although, the physical look was praised (i.e. the product being a 6-panel fold out with disc sleeves I got quite a bit feedback concerning the look of it.

  • Use more ICT skills. i.e. layering
  • The two inside middle panels have a long shot of the band members.
  • Smaller text
  • Represent emotions in the digipak.
  • Across the three inside panels, we have three different shots of a champagne bottle with a picture of Michelle on the bottle.
  • Next we have the bottle with a picture of Beyonce's face along with two filled up wine glasses.
  • In the last shot, the bottle has Kelly's face on it and the bottle is empty with an empty glass and a broken one.
  • Background is too dull.
  • Feet on the panel behind the main one.
Here is the digipak prototype:

Front cover

Inner panels

Hidden credits panel (unfinished)

Back cover

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