Tuesday, 20 December 2011

AN - Digipak Ideas

I have begun to come up with ideas of what our group's digipak will look like. I have come up with the idea that the digipak will have compartments for two discs rather than one and the digipak will fold out into three panels with the track listing in between the discs. The first disc will contain various songs by Destiny's Child, while the second is a DVD which will contain all of the vodcasts that we've done, behind the scenes footage, interviews with the cast members and outtakes.

I came up with the idea when looking around my DVD collection and found the Team America/ Beavis & Butthead/Jackass the Movie collection and noticed how it folded out and how three disc trays were used instead of one. I then thought that if I used a similar design for the digipak, then it would make it look more unique in comparison to other digipaks of this day and age.
The cover of the product.

This is what the product will look like when folded out.
Here is how the set folds out.

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