Wednesday, 29 June 2011

AN - First Practice Pitch for Possible A2 Coursework Idea

Today, I pitched a possible idea for my A2 coursework. The song I chose was I Need A Dollar by Aloe Blacc, the idea only popped into my head this morning, since it developed in my head when the song was on the radio.

As for my music video idea, the video would start with a man trying to get onto the bus, but he doesn't have enough money so he gets kicked off and due to that, he has to resort to begging. Most of the video consists of the man lip syncing to the song, while he is sitting in the street in different locations, a montage of clips will also play of man's attempts trying to get change, but he faces situations such as being given a button instead of money and the authorities removing him from these locations, meaning that the music video will take place at multiple locations.

The idea came into my head because the name of the song makes you think, why does this guy need a dollar? Is he saving up for something or does he just need bus change? Although this idea sounds like a good concept, there are many difficulties faced when filming this video. These difficulties include, getting permission for using a bus for filming purposes because other people use the buses as transport, but a response might not be received from asking. Another problem is that the song already has it's own music video from 2010 and that the song is also the theme song to a TV show broadcast on Sky Atlantic according to my older sister, this is a problem because it has to be a song from many years ago or a song which doesn't have a music video.

In conclusion, most of the feedback I received from this pitch was positive, however I was told that I might have to use a different song for the music video or I might have to come up with a new idea. If this is the case, at least this pitch has made me learn what I need to research on and what I need to talk about in the pitch itself.

Here is the video for this song:

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