Thursday, 30 June 2011

AN - Using Final Cut Express

During a free period on Wednesday, I went to see John (the Media Technician) and he showed me how to use Final Cut Express. This piece of video editing software is the main piece of software that is used for the A2 coursework.

Final Cut Express is a much superior piece of software when compared to Imovie because it has multiple video layers, which are extremely useful for having multiple clips playing at once or to create an effect during a certain point of the video. After I was taught how to use Final Cut Express, I learned how to use some of the special effects in the program by experimenting with different ones by trying them out on a variety of clips John filmed.

The effects I used included, giving one of the clips a glowing effect and another effect made one of the video layers fade in the video, giving off that ghostly effect. In conclusion, by using this piece of software I am able to use things in my A2 coursework music video which were not originally available to me in the previous course.

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  1. not necessary for EVERY post but MOST shut hav pic/s or other content to illustrate point/s made, in this case screenshot/s


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