Tuesday, 5 July 2011

AN - Britney Spears: Challenges and Problems We Might Face

Next Tuesday, we will be recreating the famous Britney Spears music video, "Hit Me Baby One More Time" just like the previous year did. However, when we film this on the day we'll be faced with some prime challenges and problems.

Firstly, there are many dancers and actors seen in the video, the problem is that we don't have as many people as the video. Although this is the case, we are able to counter this problem, since we have two media groups, one with fifth-teen people and the other with thirteen, we believe that this should be enough people.

Secondly, we might have to face location problems because in the music video, there are four main locations in the music video which are the classroom, hallway, car park and gym. The main problem with this is that these facilities will be used with other people and due to that, they may interrupt filming. The solution for this problem is to ask permission from school and then they will allow us to use these facilities.

Thirdly, in the video most of the dancers and actors are wearing school uniforms, the problem being that where would we get the costumes from. To solve this problem, we should try and see if we still have parts of our old uniforms lying around at home, but some of us might have thrown out our uniforms leading to another problem.

Finally, the last problem is that in the video Britney is lip-syncing and the problem is that the lip-syncing needs to be timed really well. The way to solve this is by getting everyone to practice lip-syncing to see who will play the lead role of Britney. The problem with this though is that it's time consuming, due to the amount of people taking part in the making of this video.

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