Tuesday, 12 July 2011

AN - Recreating the Hit Me Baby One More Time

Today, we all worked on filming our version of the famous Britney Spears music video, "Hit Me Baby, One More Time." We were split into four different groups to deal with the four prime sequences of the music video which take place the corridor, classroom, gym and car park, my group had to deal with the car park sequence. However, we encountered our first problem at the very beginning of the day which was the fact that two of our group members were absent, since one of them was planning to drop the subject so she decided to not come in and the other was ill. The main problem was that every needed to be Britney once and due to these two not being here, some of us had to play the role of Britney twice, like me for example.

Anyway, during the morning our group practised lip-syncing to the video, in order to prepare for filming later on in the day. We also filmed the first part of our Vodcast, in which we introduced ourselves and talked about our roles in the group, with me being the production manager which involved obtaining the extras for the video and being in charge of the equipment needed to make it, as well as that we also talked about the schedule for the day. After break, we negotiated with the other group about extras and helping them with there particular sequence, however we encountered problems during this because it was hard to negotiate with some of the members of the other group because they seemed to slack and prefer to sit around and do nothing. Once we had gone through negotiations, we began to film our sequence with the extras in our group. However, their "slackness" was getting in the way and I had to counter this with my "aggressive" director skills to keep order, on the other hand though, this isn't always the answer.

After lunch, Mel managed to get one of her friends in Year 8 to do some gymnastics for us to go in the video, since Britney is seen doing back-flips and such. Since the group filming the corridor sequence didn't need much of our help, we decided to shot the rest of the car park scene early because there were signs that it might rain. With the help of Burrowes, we managed to film the rest of this scene and we were able to borrow a car for this sequence as well.

Once we had finished filming for the day, we shared our thoughts on it via a Vodcast and then began to upload our behind the scenes footage onto a mac.

Click below to see the Vodcast and behind the scenes footage:

Click below to see the sequence that me and my group filmed:

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