Monday, 11 July 2011

AN - Goodwin's Theory

Although I have already mention part of this theory in a previous blog post. I will talk about this again and go into more depth than I did before. Anyway, moving on to the topic in hand, Goodwin's Theory consists of the three main conventions seen and used in music videos.

The first convention is performance, this is when the music video uses footage of the band performing at a concert or something similar to that. Most of the time, the band or artist is using lip syncing the words rather than singing them, however this has gained a lot of controversy over the past few years. A prime example of this, was when Britney Spears was accused of this during her Circus tour, on the other hand though this is done so that the band or artist doesn't have any problems multi-tasking during the performance. e.g. Singing and dancing at the same time. By using this convention in a music video, the producers are giving the band a realistic image in order to aim for a target audience who aren't fans of unrealistic or "fantasy" images. Besides from doing that, it also has the cheapest production values, due to the lack of special effects and costume etc.

The second main convention is narrative, is when the song being used in the music video, is being dramatised by actors, in some shape or form. This convention relies on visuals to create the feeling of a story being told, an example of this is usually with music videos which have clips from the film that the song was played in, whether it was diagetic or non-diagetic. e.g. Signal Fire by Snow Patrol from Spiderman 3 (not the best Superhero film ever, but still enjoyable).
Click below to see the video:

Finally, the last convention which is part of Goodwin's theory is concept, this is when a music video is based around a single, primary idea rather than multiple ideas, most of the time they give that surreal, unrealistic feeling towards the audience. However, this is usually a prime attraction used to obtain customers and one of the other two conventions is used alongside it, in order to give that feeling of accessibility towards 
the prime target audience, rather than that of a niche nature. A range of artists, cover this convention meaning that it is used quite often within the music industry.

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