Wednesday, 29 June 2011

AN - Madness - One Step Beyond Music Video Idea (Practice Exercise)

So that we can get use to using Final Cut Express and the HD Cameras, we got set up with a task for creating a 30 to 60 second music video, using one of three songs to chose from. Our group chose the song One Step Beyond by Madness because our idea involves a man started a chain reaction by knocking someone's drink out of their hands, due to this the man starts chasing the trouble maker and throughout the video, more and more begin to join the mob as the trouble maker begins to annoy more and more people. These people include someone tapping on a wall in time with the beat of the song and someone reading a newspaper on a bench.

We came up with this concept because after listening to the song, it gave us that 1920s comedy serial vibe which was portrayed by stars such as Benny Hill and Charlie Chaplin. Due to this, when we get to the editing process, the video will be in black and white to show that 1920s vibe. However, we might face a couple of problems with this idea, such as disrupting public activity and because of that, we might into trouble with the authorities. This links into another problem which involves asking for permission to use certain facilities in the music video because if we can't use those facilities, then it would be harder to find locations to film at.

I will blog in the future to talk about how the filming and editing of the video went, in the mean time here's the song we're making the music video on, with the original music video:

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