Thursday, 22 March 2012

AN - Rough Cut 2 Feedback 22/3/12

Today in class, we managed to obtain some feedback on our second rough cut. Although a new cut is in the works, this feedback was still useful. Here is what our colleagues said:

  • Performers need to vocalise.
  • Sepia is good.
  • Generate a still image at the beginning.
  • Cross faded
  • More performance sequences needed.
  • More dance moves need to be seen.
  • Shaky shots in some places
  • Cut down on the amount of narrative.
  • More slow-motion needs to be used in certain places.
  • Get a fixed shot of the rose.
  • Edit the video so it fits in with the beat and pacing of the track.
  • More variation in footage.
  • Split screen technique needs to be used.
  • Clumsy use of media language. e.g. shot of member's leg.
  • Layer clips
  • Cut to beat at points
  • Aspect ratio needs changing.
  • Change the band member's positioning around at points in the video.

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