Thursday, 1 March 2012

KM/AN - Product Creating Schedule

On Tuesday we filmed a new scene, this was just another scene showing the boyfriend and girlfriend together before the aftermath's take place.
We now need to film the girlfriend's aftermath and re shoot the scene when the meal takes place for the girlfriend and boyfriend because their was a bit of a mix up with the scene itself, so a quick re shoot should fix the problem.
So far with the Digipak and Magazine Ad, we have not spent enough time as we would of hoped but all three of us have either made a prototype or researched on previous Digipaks and Magazine Ad's.
We will have an update soon, and will hopefully have a final rough cut to post up early next week.

Here is our plan to deal with these products and what we have to do.


Girlfriend's aftermath
Girlfriend walking up to the house
Girlfriend leaving house
Close up of beans on toast

We plan on filming this stuff this weekend and edit the items on Monday.


Implement feedback into Asa's digipak
Sophie and Katie need to learn how to use Photoshop. If they run out of time, Asa's digipak will be the main one.

Magazine Ad:

Research done.
Sophie and Katie will use either Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher to create the advert.

A photoshoot of the band will also take place so that pictures can be obtained for the digipaks. More information coming soon.

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