Saturday, 8 October 2011

AN - Coursework Pitch Idea

As I said in one of my previous posts, my coursework idea is for the Depeche Mode song, Rush. The video will mainly focus on Goodwin's theories of concept and narrative, since it tells the story of an 17 year old student struggling in his battle against drugs while trying to keep his relationship with his girlfriend in one piece. Besides from being the protagonist, the student will also represent the lead singer of the band, Dave Gohan because he will be the only character in the video lip-syncing to the lyrics.

However, the protagonist will also be the antagonist at the same time, since he will have a split personality  which represents his dark side and will give the narrative a deeper aspect. Split personalities are a common convention seen within many pieces of media. Prime examples of fictional characters with split personalities include, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Ichigo Kurosaki/Hollow Ichigo from the anime, Bleach and Two-Face aka Harvey Dent from the Batman franchise. When the protagonist's dark side comes into play, he will start beating his girlfriend, while throwing verbal abuse at her. Before he gives her the finishing blow, he changes back to normal and starts to feel upset about what he has done, the protagonist's sorrow and torment will be represented in a later sequence where he can be seen crying in the corner of a room, similar to the Joy Division - Disorder video made by a previous A2 group.

Ichigo getting possessed by his "dark side", Hollow Ichigo.
The video will be shot in black and white, in order to give it an abstract and intense feel. I will make the video black and white by using the Chroma key technique I learned during the Co-operative film festival yesterday. I will also implement some strobe lighting techniques to help make the video feel abastract. For example, there will be a sequence where the video will transition between the protagonist taking using a needle on himself and another scene where he is running near a white background to catch his girlfriend. This symbolises the protagonist trying to obtain what he loves most back. This also stymbolises the conflict between light and darkness, since the video will be shot in black and white.

The target audience for this video will be for 17 to 25 year olds because the video will use a moral message to show the negative influence of drugs and how it can affect a teenage relationship. Also by making the target audience 17 to 25 year olds, I will be able to get the generation to appreciate music from the past.

For more information about my pitch, see the video below:

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