Tuesday, 18 October 2011

AN - Ten things I have learnt so far from A2 Media

1. I have learned to use the basic elements of Final Cut Express, such as how trim clips down and import clips from IMovie into the software.
2. Goodwin's theory on three main conventions in music videos which are performance, narrative and concept. All music videos use at least one of these theories or rather more than one.
3. I have also learned about the stereotypes used in these videos, such as jolly fat people (Sean Kingston) and pimps (Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull On the Floor).
4. I also learned how to use the advanced tools in Final Cut Express, such as the Chroma key and cropping tools.
5. I learned about the time management needed when making music videos. For example, we needed to shot a variety of shots for our version of Threw it on the Ground.
6. How to use the HD cameras, since they are slightly different to the cameras we used for last year's coursework.
7. I then gained knowledge on the fish-eye lense which is implemented in most of Missy Elliot's videos.
8. Another thing, I learned was how to use the new Blogger interface which was quite confusing at first, but as time went on I got more use to it and learned the basics of it.
9. Censorship was another thing I learned, since it is common throughout music videos. e.g. Erotica by Madonna
10. Finally, I learned about famous music video to film directors such as Spike Jonze, who directed Being John Malkovich (1997) and Anton Corbijn who directed Control (2007) and The American (2010). From these directors, we learned about the techniques they implemented into the music videos they directed. Prime examples being most of Depeche Mode's videos and Sabotage by The Beastie Boys.

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