Tuesday, 4 October 2011

AN - Depeche Mode Research

Depeche Mode are an English electronic music band which first formed during 1980 in England, they first called themselves Compsition of Sound. The band have had forty-eight songs in the UK charts and have been claimed as being "the most popular electronic band in the world" by Q Magazine. The band specialise in the alternative dance and synthpop genre, this fact is shown in some of their songs, such as Condemnation and Fragile Tension.

The different members of the band include the lead vocalist, Dave Gahan, Martin Gore who played the keyboard and guitar, he became the lead songwriter and vocals after 1981. Andy Fletcher who also played the keyboard and Vince Clarke, the original songwriter before leaving the band in 1981. Alan Wilder became the helm of the drums after Vince left with Gore replacing him at the song writing helm.

In terms of Goodwin's theories, the band mainly focus on performance and concept in their videos. For example, the video for Hole to Feed conists of a band made of women lip-syncing to the song with the voices of the band members, while we are given shots of the audience making out with each other or rather "tongue-wrestling" with each other.

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