Thursday, 13 October 2011

AN - Past A2 Blog Marking

Today, I got set the task of marking a previous A2 blog based off the Research & Planning marking criteria. I chose to make the blog of Callum Moreman, who worked on the Joy Division - Disorder video with Jonny Hughes and Joel Colborne.

Starting with research into similar products and a potential target audience, I feel that the research on the blog was excellent, due to the variety of research seen in the blog such as case studies, podcasts and evidence that the group got permission to use the song by the company it was produced by.

For time management, I feel that it is really strong because there are a high amount of blog posts, with the average being 11 blog posts. Besides from there being a high quantity of posts on the blog, the posts themselves are of very high quality, due to the amount of information they give. Overall for this part of Research & Planning criteria, I would rate it as being excellent due to the amount of the posts and the quality of them.

Concerning the presentation, I feel that the blog has a very attractive layout. This is due to the bright colours used, which make the blog easy to read and the posts themselves are quite informative with a high amount information along with pictures and video. Overall, I would rate the presentation as being excellent because the neat layout and the chunks of information provided.

Lastly, the use of ICT is pretty good due to the variety of multimedia products seen on the blog. Whether this be podcasts, videos, pictures or hyper-links. However, more links lists could have been used so that it was easier to navigate from post to post. So overall, I would say that the use of ICT is proficient.

In conclusion, I would give this blog a 19 out of 20 because of the neat, formal presentation which make the blog stand out and look interesting with the variety of software used.

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