Wednesday, 16 November 2011

AN - Digipaks

Digipaks are a patented type of CD packaging which is made out card/paperboard. Usually, digipaks can open up like a book or they could have a more unique design, such as a three-part digipak in which one portion of the packaging opens to the right and other to the left. The part of the digipak which is made to hold the CD(s) is made of plastic, which is attached to the paper background.

A company known as MeadWestvaco first created the digipak. Since the birth of the product, it has become more popular with manufactures and they have also started to use it. Now, the term "digipak" has been used to describe all soft CD packaging.

Codes and conventions of a Digipak

  • Album art
  • Track listing
  • Card/paperboard packaging
  • Lyric booklet
  • Credits
  • Copyright logo
  • Artistic cover
  • Pictures of band members
  • Quotes from reviewers
  • DVD(s) depending on the type of digipak.
  • Barcode
  • Web addresses
  • Folding packaging
  • Date of release
  • List of band members' roles
  • Square based packaging

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