Monday, 7 November 2011

SD - Comparing Periphery - Icarus Lives! and Tylerthe creator - Yonkers


- The narrative in the music video is quitehard to follow at first.
- The cockcroach symbolises harted for America even though the band member is american.
- Extremely long take at the beinning of the video going against the usual codes and conventions of music video. (there are also only three takes in the entire music video) and instead the camera just tracks and pans following the band around. For effects blurring and movement of the lense keepthe target audience (15-24) interested instead of using the usual shot variation

Icarus Lives:
- The camera focuses mainly on the band members.
- The video is a very specific sub genre called Gent which is a small genre in progressive metal.
- Unlike Yonkers shots are never on screen for more than afew seconds and are often taken from alongside the band members.
- There are alot of two shots in the video of the band members.

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